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Golfing near Casa Torreta Blanca Partaloa

Please find below the best golf couses in the area.  They are listed in order of distance from Casa Torreta Blanca

Famous for its stunning unspoilt beaches, Almeria is one of Spain’s hidden gems. Located on the southeast corner of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Almeria offers a coastline with 200km of outstanding beaches. Almeria is popular for its 16th century Roman Cathedral that features gothic architecture and its characteristic fortress style façade, which protected the beloved building from attacks carried out by the Barbary pirates. Admire the Sierra de Gádor mountains in the backdrop and revel in the archaeological wonders of the city. What more could you ask for from a golfing retreat?

Desert Springs Golf Course (32 miles)

Located on the Mediterranean coast of south eastern Spain, in Andalusia, on a plateau overlooking the Almanzora Valley, with easy access from the international airports or Almería and Alicante. Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club has constructed Europe´s first ever Arizona style desert golf course. Designed by Peter McEvoy, Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club is built to full USGA specifications and is well worth the visit. Here the talk is of water courses, hardpan, armadillos, cactus and there is, of course about half the green planted area you will find on a regular course. Its immaculate fairways are set amongst massive rocky outcrops, arroyos and dry rivers.

  • Holes: 18 holes
  • Par: 72

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Desert Springs Golf Course

Valle De Este Golf Course (32 miles)

Valle del Este Golf Resort is a paradisiacal setting in which you can enjoy your favourite sport with a unique design and natural resources. The Valle del Este 18-hole golf course has been carefully designed to combine holes that represent a real challenge to the player, with other less strenuous holes. Valle del Este Golf Resort is a curious mixture of the spirit and character of Andalusia and the magnificent surroundings that looks like Arizona US golf courses.

Designed by José Canales in 2003, conserving the natural pre-desert environment where it is located so that the building has practically preserved the contour of the original property, and the natural flora in the area is not directly affected by the golf course holes. It is difficult to forget the characteristics of the golf course once you have played here once, with the contrast between the green lawns and fairways of the golf course and the golden yellow pre-desert surroundings. This is a view exclusive to a place like Almeria, the province which offers the most hours of sunlight per year in the whole of continental Europe, and where it is possible to enjoy this sport in winter wearing a t-shirt.

  • Holes: 18 holes
  • Par: 71

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Valle De Este Golf Course

Marina del Torre Golf Course (37 miles)

Designed by Ramón Espinosa, Marina del Torre Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 71 course that combines flat greens with mountainous lands to create an oasis for players from around the globe. With dramatic tee shots, strategically placed lakes and excellent fairways, golfers of all abilities are sure to enjoy this exciting course. 

Almeria is fast becoming the go-to location for golfers seeking an idyllic retreat all year round. Warm, dry winters and cool summers create the perfect climate for tackling the courses in two very distinct halves. Marina del Torres’ first three holes and last four holes overlook the Mediterranean Sea, offering incredible views as far as the eye can see. The middle 11 holes are situated on the other side of a hill, which overlooks a valley in the foothills of Mojacar Pueblo. 

Marina Golf Mojacar was designed by Ramón Espinosa, whose philosophy was to combine the flat areas with the most mountainous lands in a relatively small space (5.231 metres long). This 18 holes golf course has 9 holes which can be played really close to the beach, while the remaining 9 holes can be played along the mountains with different views and almost a different climate. There are some spectacular tee platforms, with excellent fairways and three lakes strategically placed to make the game much more interesting. It has undergone major improvements in woodland and gardening, into a perfect place to play golf near the sea, with stunning views along its layout. The driver shot on the 4th hole could be the most amazing shot of the golf course.

Once you’ve completed the course, relax and enjoy the delicious cuisine at the Restaurant Marina Golf. 

  • Holes: 18 holes
  • Par: 71

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Marina del Torre Golf Course

Aguilón Golf (47 miles)

Aguilon Golf course is located near Pulpi, in Almeria (East Andalusia). Aguilon Golf course design is incredibly spectacular and something far out of the ordinary with more than 100 bunkers, 6 big lakes and a number of natural ravines which all together makes playing the course an unforgettable experience. With the Aguilon Mountains as a back drop with unique golf holes that players of all levels are guaranteed to remember, Aguilon Golf Club is probably the hottest newcomer among Spanish courses. Aguilon Golf course was designed by Global Golf, involved with 18 other courses throughout Spain from Madrid down to Cadiz and across to the Canary Islands.

  • Holes: 18 holes
  • Par: 71

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Aguilón Golf

Alborán Golf (72 miles)

Alborán Golf has undoubtedly become the new reference for golf in the south of Spain, located in a province that boasts the highest number of daylight hours in all Europe. As the old advertising slogan says, Almería is where the sun goes to spend the winter.

Along with its enviable climatic conditions, the Alborán Golf course spreads out over an exceptional piece of land. It is located in front of the Cabo de Gata natural park, next to the beach and it is just 5 minutes away from an international airport and 15 minutes away from the city centre. It is simply superb, and, at this moment , there is no other spot on the Mediterranean coasts that could hope to match it.

However, the Alborán Golf Course has a lot more than just this to offer. A par 18-hole championship course that complies with all requirements necessary to host the highest level competitions. In fact, it passed all the tests carried out by the Spanish Royal Golf Federation, which led to its designation as the official host for the Almería Mediterranean Games in 2005. All the delegations that took part in the tournament spoke highly of both the design and the way the course was carefully maintained.

What’s more, one of our maxims when building and running courses is to ensure golfers can enjoy excellent greens, fairways and other elements on the course. To this end, state-of-the-art technological innovations have been applied to take care of all the details, ranging from an irrigation system that produces great savings on energy due to its low electrical consumption. A radiofrequency irrigation control that makes it possible to make the most of the water resources.

Environmental respect is, of course, another of our premises. Thanks to this innovative irrigation system, and to the use of cespitose species that need little water, we have been able to make the most of our irrigation water, and of the wastewater from the nearby town, which is recycled in a water treatment plant close to the golf course.

Respect for the environment was also a factor when designing the 18 holes and when choosing the plant species. Palm trees, olive trees, pine trees, prickly pears, pitas, etc. form most of the arboreal species used, to avoid the visual impact of a semi-desert environment and the watercourses that existed in the area have been respected and are used as natural spillways for rainfall and also to provide greater incentive to the lay-out of the holes.

Likewise, strategic positions were also chosen for the bunkers on the course, more than fifty. At each hole, golfers, both experienced ones and those who have been playing the sport for less than two hours, must negotiate sand traps to reach their goal, and, if they do so, their reward will be their arrival at the extensive greens, which, nonetheless, conceal gentle slopes that put another obstacle that must be overcome on the course.

The strategic position of the 1st, 9th, 10th and 18th holes close by the clubhouse and in the areas around the car park, is another characteristic of the Alborán Golf Club, which also boasts many different training areas (a putting-green, approach areas, etc.) so that golfers can avail of everything they may need to enjoy a great golf day.

  • Holes: 18 holes
  • Par: 72

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Alborán Golf

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