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Saint Mary Church, Albox

The Parish Temple of Santa María, which in the 18th century was dedicated to the Virgen del Rosario, was built between 1718-1728 under the direction of Masters Juan López de Robles and Alfonso Gutiérrez, with a Latin cross plan. 

The baroque stucco decoration stands out. During the second half of the 18th century, various private chapels were added, which significantly expanded the plan of the temple and its main doorway was probably carved, in which the stately coat of arms is preserved displaced and mutilated. Some of the Baroque altarpieces that adorned the altars of its chapels have been preserved from that time.

It is now a pedestrianised area where many Spanish families spend their evenings.

Saint Mary Church

Discover the nature of Tíjola and its relationship with water

If you are looking for a place to disconnect from the stress of the city and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra de los Filabres, Tíjola is your ideal destination. This Almeria municipality, located in the Almanzora Valley, offers you a wide variety of ways to disconnect and places to discover.  And what's more, around 30 minutes from Casa Torreta Blanca.

You can go hiking through the Sierra de los Filabres, where you will find spectacular landscapes such as the Cerrá de Tíjola, a natural viewpoint from where you can see the entire Almanzora Valley. 

La Cerrá is apparently one of the best-known attractions of this town (not visited it yet), an impressive mountainous formation that rises to great meters high. From the top of Cerrá you can see a spectacular panoramic view of the mountains and the valleys that surround it.  To get there, it's recommended you go up from the Hermitage of El Salvador, where you will enjoy the views of the Bacares River, crossing the Fuente del Huevo.

Egg Fountain

The Fuente del Huevo is one of Tijola's most precious treasures, a natural spring that gushes out of the rocks. Yet another place we haven't visited yet but on our to do list.

This site is unique for its natural beauty and the tranquility. Located in the heart of the Sierra de los Filabres, the Fuente del Huevo is an ideal place to escape from the city and connect with nature. Its crystal clear and fresh waters scream to immerse yourself in them and cool off in its pools and waterfalls, its rocks and vegetation make this enclave a true oasis in the heart of the Almanzora Valley. 

Pigeon Cave

If there's one place that stands out above all in Tijola - that's the legendary Cueva de la Paloma. It is an impressive cave located in the middle of the mountain that has several rooms and passages to explore. Inside you can find different rock formations and minerals, as well as numerous legends and mysteries that make it even more fascinating. According to legend, it was the refuge of a Moorish princess who fell in love with a Christian.

Cela's Raft

It's a hot spring that has a constant temperature of around 24 degrees. This raft is ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature with family or friends, surrounded by trees and the sound of water running through it. In addition, this space is perfect for lovers of hiking and mountain routes, since it is located in an area of ​​great scenic beauty very close to the natural monument of Piedra Lobera located in the Sierra de Lucar.  There are fish in the hot spring - and not all just tiddlers!

When we have the Dutch hikers here, this is one of their favourite spots.  There are a few bars and restuarants around the hot springs.


Source: Valle del Almonzora Turismo



Balsa de Cela, Hot Springs

Balsa de Cela

One of the guests on our walking retreat swimming in Balsa de Cela, hot springs about 30 minutes from us

The waters emerge naturally with a constant flow of 42 litres a second and a temperature that is maintained at different times of the year between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius.

The waters of the Balsa de Cela have medicinal properties for different types of diseases.

Crystal Clear

The Costa de Almeria destination was the centre of Spain's geological tourism industry in October 2022.  

More than 150 experts and sector represenatives met in Pulpi for the 8th edition of the Tourist Caves and Mines Conference.

They were drawn by the Geode, one of the world's largest crystal caves and it's said to be the largest that can be visited.


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