Spa Day Experience

Spa Day Experience - Jacuzzi
Spa Day Experience - Outdoor Dining


  • Welcome Mocktail of the Day 
  • Relax around the pool, the deluxe hot tub or our extensive terraces
  • Choice of one 45-minute treatment (see list of treatments below)
  • Lunch:
    • Select of rustic breads, marinated olives & dipping oils
    • Sharing platters of cured meats, cheeses & pates (special diets can be catered for on request)
    • Sangria or sparkling wine, or soft drinks
    • Fresh fruit platter
    • Freshly brewed coffee/selection of teas

Minimum 3 people/Maximum 6

Start time: 10am/11am depending on numbers

Bar service & specialty coffees will be available at additional cost

Cost: €75 per person



Ayurvedic Face Massage (Mukhabhyanga)

Using authentic Ayurvedic products it includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage & mask.

This treatment relaxes the face muscles & stimulates the micro-circulation & flow of lymph, thereby promoting generation of healthy, younger looking skin.

Holistic Therapies


Works on the theory that the human body comprises 10 zones & pressure points on the feet which relate to the various organs of the body within designated zones. By applying pressure to one part of the foot, it not only benefits the feet, but also the rest of the body. Relieves stress & tension, improves circulation through nerve & blood supply & helps to achieve normal functioning level.

Massage (these will normally be carried out with Patrick)

Chakra Basti (Oil reservoir therapy)

The word Chakra means wheel or disk and Basti stands for a retaining or holding . Chakra basti, also called nabhi basti, because it is applied to the stomach region.

Nabhi, the umbilicus, is considered as marma in Ayurveda. Marma (vital point) is an anatomical area where arteries, tendons, flesh, veins, bones and joints meet to form the location of life.

The treatment involves applying warm Ayuredic oil to a contained area (hand-made with dough) and allowing it to penetrate for 20 minutes.  The 'wash' creates very deep penetrating heat that allows the healing qualities of the oil to infiltrate the tissue.

Treatment starts off with a back massage, before the basti cleansing, accompanied by somes sound healing

Male Grooming

Luxury Hot Towel Wet Shave (with Pat) 

A fantastic old-school, very traditional barber shop cut-throat razor shave. Includes hot & cold towels, & face & head massage.

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