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Arboleas Clock Tower

Arboleas is a village about 15 minutes from Casa Torreta Blanca.

The Clock Tower of Arboleas, popularly known as 'El Castillo', is a monument of uncertain origin.

What is known is that it's over 800 years old and is thought to may originally have been the minaret of an old mosque, or manybe one of many Moorish watch towers that were all over the province of Almeria, each of them always within sight of at least one other for signalling purposes. 

Legend has it that there once was a clock but people in the neighbouring village took it - but who, what or why remains a mystery. 

The Clock Tower was used for marking the irrigation turns for the Almonzora River from Cantoria to Zurgena.  It was also used for making important announcements for the town. 

At night it resembles a lighthouse and looks as if it's sitting all on its own on the shore surrounded by darkness. 

From the top of the hill whee it's perched, you have the views of La Perla and La Cinta, all the way over to the distance mountains.  In the opposite direction past the village itself you can see almost to the village of Zurgena.  

Source: Almeria Living Magazine, August 2022

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